Our Educators

Masunya Lukindo


BMCH is pleased to welcome Mrs. Lukindo as our director and lead Montessori teacher. Mrs. Lukindo is AMI certified and brings extensive Montessori experience to our children. She has held leadership and classroom teaching positions, taking her to varying schools in the United States and Europe. Mrs. Lukindo's approach to building relationships with the students and their families has demonstrated her commitment and dedication to the learning process and success of every child. 

Lead Elementary Teacher

We are accepting applications for a Lead Elementary Program Teacher in preparation to open an Elementary Program the Fall of 2021. Please check out our job description and send your resume, cover letter, and three references to beltway.montessori@gmail.com


Pradipa Lenora


Our advisor, Mrs. Lenora, brings with decades of experience, and certification in both primary and lower elementary-level AMS Montessori instruction. Her interest is in teaching children reading, writing and arithmetic at very young ages. Mrs. Lenora has shown remarkable results with all types of students and has worked in various schools in the region.