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Homeschool Tutorial Services
View our 2022-2023 Fact Sheet Here

Children ages 5-12 who enroll in our homeschool tutorial will receive customized group lessons in language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. These supplemental lessons are designed to help guardians fulfill their homeschool goals and meet Maryland homeschool requirements in the context of a parent-directed home-education program.

Lessons use the Montessori pedagogy and follow the Montessori “Cosmic Curriculum” to give students a wholistic view of the world, develop problem solving skills through research and project-based learning, and are designed to meet or exceed public school standards in the subjects offered by the tutorial.  

At home, children follow-up the tutorial lessons using tutorial-provided Montessori-aligned materials, living books, and curated internet resources to continue learning. Children may also have the opportunity to engage with their peers while at home through an online platform. Children and families also have the opportunity to enroll in additional “skill reinforcement / work period” sessions that allow children to work with the Montessori materials at the tutorial, receive extra individual help in language arts and math, and collaborate on group projects in person.












Language Arts:  

  • Reading instruction: Orton-Gillingham-aligned Montessori reading instruction for beginning and emergent readers

  • Literature analysis and Socratic discussion through book studies

  • Montessori hands on grammar: parts of speech, sentence structure, word study, vocabulary enrichment, and writing mechanics

  • Writing integrated into the Cosmic Curriculum with specific lessons on writing style and structure, narrative, informational, biographical, and opinion writing and poetry.

  • Addition curriculum guidance for writing, handwriting, and spelling upon parent request to meet individual instructional objectives.



  • Hands-on Montessori Math: Numerical Operations, the decimal system, fractions, time and money, data and probability, geometry, measurement, introduction to pre-algebra

  • Optional critical thinking enrichment using Beast Academy: problem solving, number sense, pre-algebra and critical thinking for all students (even kindergarteners!)



  • Project-based and experimental science following the Montessori Cosmic Curriculum.  This year the curriculum focus is on Chemistry, Biogeochemistry, and Zoology.  The project-based learning following the scientific method allows students to make cross-curricular connections and explore the wonders of the world.


Social Studies:

  • Project-based history, geography, and cultural studies using the Montessori Cosmic Curriculum. This year the curriculum focus is on the timeline of life, fundamental needs of all humans, physical geography and climate, and cultural/historical/geographic studies of the African and Australian continents

Social and emotional learning:

  • Plenty of outdoor play with other children during our daily “lunch bunch”

  • On-going character studies focused on conflict resolution, respect, compassion, and citizenship

  • Development of executive functioning skills through self-directed education and project based learning.



  • Tuesday / Thursday: 8:30 - 3:15 - Grades K - 3 Montessori group lessons

  • Tuesday / Thursday: 8:30 - 3:15 - Grades 4-6 optional skill reinforcement sessions

  • Wednesday / Friday: 8:30 - 3:15 - Grades K-3 optional skill reinforcement sessions

  • Wednesday / Friday: 8:30 - 3:15 - Grades 4-6 Montessori groups lessons

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