About Us

Beltway Montessori Children's House (BMCH) is a parent-run cooperative providing students with a rich and diverse learning environment to supplement parent-led homeschool education for children ages 5-12 and provides private Montessori tutoring to parents and children ages 3-4. 

We believe that parents are a child’s primary teachers and should be an active part of their educational journeys.  As such, parents are always welcome, and expected, to participate in the co-op and to enrich the experience of our children.


BMCH was founded in 2019 by a group of parents who joined together to ensure that children in our community have access to a high-quality, affordable and results-oriented Montessori education. A commitment to children and their education is our driving force.  All children need and crave the opportunity to learn and demonstrate what they know.  We strive to ensure that we afford all children that opportunity. 


BMCH provides a nurturing environment that allows our children to be themselves, progress at their own pace, and function in a larger community.